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Navigating the digital world can be challenging for visually impaired individuals, but RealSAM Pocket makes it easier. This user-friendly, voice-operated smartphone offers a range of features designed specifically for those with sight loss.


Voice Operated Convenience


RealSAM Pocket simplifies communication and access to information. Just tap on the screen and speak your command, whether it\'s to call a friend, send a message, or listen to an audiobook. There's no need to fumble with small buttons or complex gestures.


Hearing Aids Compatible


For those who use hearing aids, RealSAM Pocket offers seamless connectivity. It can connect directly to Phonak hearing aids or other Bluetooth-enabled devices using a streaming device, ensuring clear and convenient communication.


Unlocked for Any Mobile Carrier


Flexibility is key with RealSAM Pocket, as it is unlocked for any mobile carrier. You can choose the carrier that best suits your needs without any restrictions.


Additional Features

  • Adding Contacts by Voice: Easily add new contacts by speaking their information.


  • Send and Receive Messages: Communicate effortlessly with friends and family.


  • Object Identifier: Use the camera to identify objects around you.


  • Video Magnifier: Enhance your view with the video magnifier feature.


  • Read Text: Take a photo of the text, and the phone will read it aloud.

RealSAM Pocket is designed to guide on the go, making it a perfect companion for anyone seeking a more accessible smartphone experience. Say goodbye to the frustration of small app icons and complicated commands, and embrace the simplicity of RealSAM Pocket.

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