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Capt. Benjamin Keeley, a seasoned and knowledgeable Data Management professional with over 25 years of experience in the Marine and Hospitality industry, is constantly driven to empower businesses with the usage of data for optimized efficiency and performance.




During his career spanning over two decades, Capt. Benjamin Keeley had the privilege to serve in the US Navy, manage the Department of Database Operations at Revlon Cosmetics, and serve as the Director of Database Operations for Royal Caribbean Cruise Line. For a period of five years, he took the role of Director of Enterprise transformation Solution Center at Deloitte & Touche, managing their E-commerce strategy. It was during this period that he represented the firm as a speaker in global conventions and functioned as a prominent member of the Access America committee led by Vice President AI Gore. Capt. Keeley worked tirelessly on the project that ensured the deployment of the connection to the Internet for every schoolchild, in every classroom, in America.




His extensive experience has been instrumental in providing a complete set of IT and management solutions for businesses in the marine and hospitality industry, aligning all channels to mine data and enhance results by capturing and tracking the guest experience. Capt. Keeley takes pride in providing innovative technology solutions that not only provides businesses with the information they need, but also to enable them to build meaningful guest relationships. Capt. Benjamin Keeley strongly believes that understanding the value of a guest is intrinsic to nurture a recurrent client base. Highly involved with all facets of the industry, his ultimate motive is to help businesses maximize revenue from potential guests with the power of numbers. He specializes in offering solutions that are based on the accurate value prediction of guests. Businesses, armed with this knowledge can now make the best decisions to obtain outstanding outcomes. His widespread knowledge and expertise in result-oriented solutions, has enabled him provide top-notch management for leading marine and hospitality projects. By analyzing data dynamics with a strategic yet creative mindset he is able to provide businesses with number driven results and ultimate client satisfaction.


Capt. Keeley is a devoted husband and father as he strives to make life better for all that surround him. As a visually impaired Navy Veteran, his passion is to help those that may not be aware of the tools available from the VA and other noteworthy organizations. Wisdom 4 The Blind, a non-profit organization that he and his partner, Douglas Cram, created is driven from a selfless act of generosity to help all blinded and visually impaired Veterans. The Wisdom 4 The Blind summary of content and donation/sponsorship information can be found at 







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