First Hurricane of Florida Hurricane Season

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Hurricane Beryl is making headlines as it heads toward the Caribbean on Sunday as a dangerous Category 4 storm with winds of 130 mph. According to the National Hurricane Center, Beryl formed Friday night and rapidly intensified, reaching hurricane status by late Saturday and escalating to a Category 4 storm by Sunday. This early in the season, such major hurricanes are rare. In fact, AccuWeather notes that only seven named storms have formed in the Atlantic before July 4, and Weather Underground reports that just four hurricanes have reached Category 3 status (111-129 mph sustained winds) before the end of June.

Currently, Hurricane Beryl is moving westward at 18 mph. As it barrels toward the Caribbean, many are wondering whether Florida residents should be concerned. AccuWeather forecasters currently predict no impact on the U.S. However, they caution that if the high-pressure system across the Southeast weakens, Beryl could potentially affect the Gulf Coast.

To track Beryl’s path and get the latest updates, the National Hurricane Center provides a forecast cone and detailed spaghetti models. It’s important to note that not all spaghetti models are created equal, and the hurricane center uses only the top-performing models to make its forecasts.

Here’s a snapshot of Hurricane Beryl’s projected wind speeds:

  • 12 hours: 145 mph
  • 24 hours: 140 mph
  • 36 hours: 125 mph
  • 48 hours: 120 mph
  • 60 hours: 115 mph
  • 72 hours: 110 mph
  • 96 hours: 100 mph
  • 120 hours: 70 mph inland

As Hurricane Beryl advances, Florida residents should stay informed about current weather advisories and be prepared for any changes in the storm's trajectory. Although no immediate impact is expected, it’s always wise to remain vigilant during hurricane season.

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