July Contributor of the Month

Subject: July Contributor of the Month

In the spotlight for June is the National Federation of the BlindSurpassing Sight Foundation is a movement to open minds and hearts to human potential, creative problem solving, and to an entire population of our community that has gone unseen, under-considered and radically underestimated… despite all their abilities.   70% is the current unemployment rate of highly educated vision-impaired individuals in the USA.  7% unemployment is what is possible through awareness and engaged response. Our Foundation exists to cause the change from 70% to 7%.  Using our major motion picture documentary, 'Surpassing Sight’, we share the journey of Team Sea to See as they race in the toughest bike race in the world to display SUCCESS, both in the world’s most challenging road race and beyond––in corporate business and board rooms. Wisdom 4 the Blind is proud to recognize them as our Contributor of the Month!

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